SRE Engineer
Design Mission Critical Cloud Infrastructure for Global Enterprises
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Mindstix is looking for DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers. As a member of our Cloud Engineering team, you have an opportunity to work on modern cloud-native infrastructure using our bleeding-edge DevOps toolchain.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Design and architect large-scale systems on leading cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • Automate IT operations and the “software supply chain” with continuous integration, continuous delivery, infrastructure-as-code, and modern release engineering.
  • Design for high availability, scalability, elasticity, and enterprise-grade security.
  • Plan release strategies and steer production launches for mission-critical cloud applications.
  • Manage production environments for high availability, performance, and latency. Deliver committed SLAs.
  • Scale systems sustainably. Continually refine systems for reliability and security.
  • Incident response, root cause analysis, remediation and fixes, and regression testing on live production systems.
  • Lead cloud transformation strategy, cloud platform assessments, cloud migration initiatives, and cloud cost optimization for global brands.
Qualifications and Skills
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or allied streams.
  • 3+ years of hands-on experience in building virtualized cloud infrastructure and deploying applications to cloud environments: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
  • Cloud Foundations: Strong foundations in virtualization, infrastructure-as-code, containers, private, hybrid, and public cloud computing concepts.
  • Programming Foundations: Strong hands-on experience with at least one programming or scripting language such as Python, GoLang, Java, JavaScript, Groovy, Bash, Powershell.
  • OS Proficiency: Proficiency in system administration on Linux and Windows.
  • Toolchain Expertise:
    • Docker, Kubernetes, EKS, AKS
    • Helm, Spinnaker
    • Terraform, CDK, AWS CloudFormation
    • Jenkins, GitHub Actions
    • AWS CLI, Azure CLI
    • ELK Stack, Grafana, Prometheus, Dynatrace
    • Chef, Puppet, Ansible
    • JIRA, Confluence, Slack
  • CI/CD Pipelines: Hands-on experience in building Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines at enterprise scale. Experience deploying microservices and application workloads.
  • Networking Competency: TCP/IP stack and protocols, software-defined networking (SDN), DNS, DHCP, Tunneling and VPN, Proxies and NAT, Load Balancers, Firewalls, Gateways, TLS.
  • Security Competency: Strong foundations in identity management, authentication, authorization, key management, certificate management, SAML, and OAuth.
  • Release management: Experience with release strategies such as Canary, Blue-Green, Rolling Updates.
  • Scalability engineering: Experience in designing, deploying, and testing distributed applications in multi-cloud environments.
  • HA and DR: Experience with high-availability architecture, disaster recovery strategies, multi-AZ and multi-region deployment models.
  • Integration Experience: Experience with REST APIs, GraphQL, Enterprise Integration Patterns, API Management, Service Bus and Async-Messaging.
  • Monitoring Experience: Experience in protocols and tools for observability - log aggregation, telemetry monitoring, application performance monitoring (APM), analytics, distributed tracing and alerting.
  • Data-tier Expertise: Operationalizing storage services and managed databases: SQL, No SQL, Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Cloud Data Platforms, Object Storage Services.
  • Experience with capacity planning, cost estimation, and cloud cost optimization.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills: Ability to engage with technical and non-technical team members.
  • Strong problem-solving and debugging skills with an ability to rapidly learn new technologies and tools.
Who Fits Best?
  • You are a passionate programmer with a flair for solving complex engineering problems.
  • You enjoy working in a fast-paced creative environment.
  • You thrive in a customer-centric environment with the ability to actively listen, to empathize, and to collaborate with globally distributed teams.
  • You are a team player with a desire to mentor and inspire others to do their best.
  • You are detail-oriented with an appreciation for craftsmanship in everything you do.
  • You love to express ideas and to articulate well with strong written and verbal English communication skills.
Flexible working environment.
Health Insurance Coverage.
Accelarated Career Paths.
Global customers.
Competitive compensation and perks.
Rewards and Recognition.
Sponsored certifications.
Mentorship by industry leaders.
This position is primarily based at our Pune (India) headquarters, requiring all potential hires to work from this location. A modern workplace is deeply collaborative by nature, while also demanding a touch of flexibility. We embrace deep collaboration at our offices with reasonable flexi-timing and hybrid options to our seasoned team members.
Equal Opportunity Employer
Mindstix is committed to an inclusive and diverse work environment. We do not discriminate based on race, colour, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, marital status or any other legally protected status.